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28 Jul 2016

Atelier d’évaluation mi - parcours des résultats de recherches des Top 5

Le mardi 26 juillet 2016 a eu lieu à la salle de documentation du Service extérieur de l’Université de Lomé (UL), un atelier d’évaluation mi - parcours des résultats de recherches des Top 5. A part les Top 5, étaient présents, le Coordinateur National de QLA, Monsieur Koamy Gbloekpo GOMADO, le Prof. Koffi AKPAGANA, le Prof. Komlan BATAWILA (1er Vice-Président de l'UL) et M. Nelson Akintola S. AKIBODE, tous membres du jury national de QLA. Read more

27 Jul 2016

Innovation, key for a good research-QLA Jury

A member of the international jury of the ongoing Quarry Life Award (QLA) competition, Dr. Erasmus Owusu, has urged participants in the 3rd edition of the competition to be very innovative to place at the International level. Read more

29 Jun 2016

International Jury visits well underway

With the research period at the halfway point, the International Jury are beginning to visit all the projects in order to select those deserving international prizes. Read more

17 Jun 2016

Time with Stakeholders- Michael Owusu-Tweneboah shows the way!

Stakeholder engagement in the Quarrylife Award has a “multiplier effect.” Read more

10 Jun 2016

From QLA project to international journal publication!

In March 2016, the project team from the Czech Republic who won the national and international first prizes at the very first Quarry Life Award in 2012, published an academic paper which was inspired by the work they did for the competition. Read more