INTRODUCTIONAccording to IUCN (2008), Talbotiella gentii is a critically endangered (A1c, B1+2c, ver 2.3) gregarious living perennial legume based on investigations by Hawthorne (1998). Hall and Swaine (2004) referred to the species as one with the highest conservation priority in Ghana. Even though there were some reports on the species from Cameroon, ‘Records from Cameroon appear to be erroneous’ according to Hawthorne (1998). The species therefore has limited geographical distribution and is endemic to Ghana. In Ghana, this evergreen tree is known to occur in tiny stands in rocky areas of three dry forests including Yongwa, Sapawsu and Bandai Hill forest reserves. Therefore there is the need to conserve and sustainably manage the Talbotiella gentii species to prevent it from getting extinct.  

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