The goal of the Quarry Life Award is to promote and raise awareness of the exceptional local flora and fauna in quarries. It offers interested parties the opportunity to add true ecological and educational value to a mining site.

During the research period, the public is encouraged to follow the progress of the projects and rate them. Voting for projects will highlight those projects of particular interest to the public. We invite voters to share favourite projects on social media to extend the awareness-raising aspect of the competition far beyond the 50 quarries participating in 25 countries.

The public vote and online interaction will promote the researchers’ ideas, concepts, methodologies, findings and results – in the end it will promote biodiversity and improved biodiversity management worldwide.

The public vote will end at the close of the research period (20th September 2018). The most popular projects will be featured on the website, as well as during the different National and International Award ceremonies. However, the public vote will not be taken into account by the jury for final winner selection.

How to vote for projects

Show your support to the researchers by voting for your favourite projects. A rating of one to five stars can be given to each project.

To be able to vote, you need to be registered in the QLA website.

So, follow these simple steps and start voting:

1.   Register or log in:

  • If you have already registered, just log in and you will be able to vote.
  • First time voter? Register by entering your email address and choose a password.

2.  Browse through the participating projects, open a project page and click on the number of stars you wish to give to that project. One star represents a low value and five stars represents a high value project.

3.  You can give a star-rating to as many projects as you want, but it’s only possible to vote once per project.