The Quarry Life Award is proud to announce the composition of all its national juries for the Edition 2018. In each of the 21 national contests, the national jury will evaluate the submitted project proposals and will decide on the 6 projects that will enter the competition.

In October 2018, the national juries will evaluate the participants' final project reports and will reveal the names of the national winners. At the same time, the international jury will evaluate the same reports from an international angle and will decide on the winners of the 7 International Awards.

Australia contest:

  • Guy Boggs
    WABSI (Western Australian Biodiversity Science Institution, Restoration Program Director 
  • Ben Miller
    Science Botanical Gardens & Parks Authority, Director 
  • John Nayton
    Nayton Communication,  Consultant
  • Zoe Keller
    Hanson HeidelbergCement WR, Environmental Officer

Benelux contest: 

  • Pierre Anrys
    ARCEA, Director
  • Denis Colart
    Independent environmental advisor, specialized in ecology    
  • Dido Gosse
    Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences, Senior Scientist - National Scientific Secretariat on Invasive Alien Species
  • Olivier Guillitte
    Universities of Liège, Professor in mycology and botany
    aCREA-Ulg, Researcher in applied ecology
  • Catherine Hauregard
    Walloon Public Service (Nature & Forest department), Advisor
  • Ludo Holsbeek
    Flemish Environment, Nature & Energy Department Advisor
    Free University Brussels, Professor at the Biology Faculty

Benin contest:

  • Victorin Codjia
  • Catherine Dassanou
    Cimbenin, HR Director
  • Odile Dossou
    Universities of Abomey Calavi, Professor
  • Benjamin Fayomi
    Faculty of Health Sciences/FSS, Professor
  • Djibril Idrissou
    Cimbenin, Technical Director

Czech Republic contest:

  • Karel Chuděj
    Českomoravsyk cement, a.s., General Manager
  • Karel Lorek
    Českomoravsky štěrk, a.s., Supervisory Board Chairman
  • Jiří Sádlo
    The Czech Academy of Science, Institute of Botany, Scientist
  • Zdeněk Vermouzek
    Czech Society for Ornithology, General Manager

Egypt contest:

  • Dr. Khaled HARHASH
    Ministry of Environment Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency, Biodiversity Central Director, Nature Conservation Sector
  • M. Khaled HUSSEIN
    Suez Cement Company, Corporate Quarry Manager 
  • Prof. Dr. Magdy KHALIL
    Ain - Shamas University, Ex-Director of Centre of Research of Protectorates & Ex-Head of Zoology Dept.
  • Jose Maria MAGRINA
    Suez Cement Company, Managing Director 
  • Prof. Dr. Hamdallah ZEDAN
    Ministry of Environment , Chairman Preparatory Committee of the UN Conference on Biological Diversity 2018

France contest:

  • Catherine Barbiez-Azan
    HeidelbergCement France, Director Communication & Marketing      
  • Vincent Hulin
    AFB (Agence française pour la biodiversité), Chief of national programmes and partnerships
  • Jean-Christophe Kovacs
    Ecosphère, CEO
  • Jeremie Pieri
    HeidelbergCement France, Director Human Resources
  • Jean-Philippe Sible
    MNHN (Muséum national d'histoire naturel), Directeur de l'expertise & Directeur de l'UMS 2006 Patrimoine Naturel
  • Claire Tutenuit
    EPE (Entreprise pour l'environnement), Secretary General    
  • Nicolas Vuillier
    UNICEM, Chairman 

Germany contest:

  • Thomas Beißwenger
    ISTE (Industrieverband Steine und Erden Baden-Württemberg e.V.), CEO
  • Christiane Bohlmann
    HeidelbergCement AG, Marketing Manager Germany
  • Prof. Dr. Rainer Buchwald
    Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg, Professor
  • Christian Knell     
    HeidelbergCement AG, General Manager
  • Dr. Markus Röhl
    NABU Baden-Württemberg, Assistant Presidency

Ghana contest:

  • Kwabena Addo
    Ghacem, EHS Engineer
  • Solomon Ayiah
    Ghacem, Strategy and Corporate Affairs Officer
  • Yaw Kwakye
    Forestry Commission Ghana, Manager Climate Change Unit
  • Dr. Erasmus H. Owusu
    University of Ghana, Senior Lecturer and Conservation Biologist
  • Daniel Siaw
    KNUST,  Lecturer

Italy contest:

  • Gabriella Buffa
    Venice University, Professor           
  • Roberto Callieri     
    Italcementi, CEO
  • Stefano Ferrari
    Sesaab Group, Marketing Director  
  • Tommaso Sitzia
    Padua University, Professor

Morocco contest:

  • Khalid Amrani       
    Ciments du Maroc, Quarry Manager 
  • Najat El Khiati                   
    Faculté des Sciences Ain Chock, Casablanca, University Professor
  • Mohamed Ramdani           
    Institut de Rabat, Université Mohammed V,  Agdal Rabat, University Professor

North America contest:

  • Tom Chizmadia
    Lehigh Hanson, Inc., SVP-Governmental Affairs and Comms
  • Sue Grayston
    University of British Columbia, Professor
  • Patrick James
    Lehigh Hanson, Inc., VP-ESH          
  • Greg Knapp
    Lehigh Hanson, Inc., ESH Director - Region West
  • Tim Matz
    Lehigh Hanson, Inc., Senior Director-Environmental Affairs   
  • Sophie Mullen
    Lehigh Hanson, Inc., Sustainable Resources Development Director
  • Margaret O'Gorman
    Wildlife Habitat Council, President

Northern Europe contest:

  • Ulla Carlsson-Granér
    Umeå University, Associate Professor
  • Dr. Jonathan E. Colman
    Norwegian University for Life Sciences, Associate Professor
  • Giv Brantenberg
    HeidelbergCement Northern Europe, General Manager

Poland contest:

  • Robert Dreszer
    Górażdże Cement, Chief Mining Specialist
  • Krzysztof Filusz
    Górażdze Kruszywa, Managing  Director
  • Anna Karczewska
    Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences, Professor   
  • Dr Arkadiusz Nowak
    Opole University, Biosystematics Department
  • Jacek Połącarz     
    Górażdże Cement, Human Resources Director

Romania contest:

  • Florian Aldea
    HeidelbergCement România S.A., General Manager
  • Mitrana Doru                     
    MaiMultVerde Association, Sustainability and Environmental Expert
  • Gabriela Niculae
    HeidelbergCement România S.A., Head of Environmental Department
  • Dragoș Tuță
    Global Compact Network Romania, Sustainability Expert

Russia contest:

  • Ruslan Butovsky
    Scientific and Methodological Center "Technology", Doctor of Biology
  • Leonid Perelomov
    Tula State University,  Doctor of Biology, Associated Professor
    Head of Public Council for Ministry of Natural Resources & Ecology of Tula Oblast
  • Mihail Polendakov
    HeidelbergCement Russia, General Manager
  • Thomas Kolbe
    HeidelbergCement Russia, Technical Director

Spain contest:

  • Sonia Castañeda
    Fundación Biodiversidad, Director
  • María Dolores Jiménez      
    Universidad Complutense de Madrid - Faculty of Biology, Professor
  • Montserrat Jorba
    Universidad de Barcelona - Faculty of Biology, Profesor
  • Jesús Ortíz
    HeidelbergCement Spain, General Manager
  • José María Rey
    Alcalá de Henares University - Faculty of Biology, Professor
  • Fernando Silla
    Universidad de Salamanca - Faculty of Biology, Profesor
  • Raul Tapia
    Fundación Tormes-EB, Director

Tanzania contest:

  • Leonard Lugali
    WWS Design and Development Company Limited, Manager
  • Richard Magoda
    Tanzania Portland Cement Company Limited (TPCC), Environmental Manager
  • Henry Ndangalasi  
    University of Dar Es Salaam,  Senior Lecturer and Plants Ecologist  

Togo contest:​

  • Nelson Akintola Akibode
    Ministère de l’Environnement et des Ressources Forestières, Coordinator of the Technical Secretariat for the national platform for reduction of disaster and risk and Responsible of the sustainable development promotion program and the resistance of climate change financed by UNDP.
  • Prof. Dr. Koffi Akpagana
    University of Lomé, Faculty of Science, Laboratory of Botanic and  plant Ecology, Responsible for the botanic and herbal ecology laboratory and the 2nd Vice President of the University of Lomé
  • Prof. Dr. Komlan Batawila
    University of Lomé, Faculty of Science, Laboratory of Botanic and  plant Ecology, Lecturer and 1st Vice President of the University of Lomé
  • Carmel D. Dovi Dogbe-Tomi
    Cimtogo, Chef de service QHSE     
  • Adodo Edorh
    Scantogo, Chef de service carrière
  • Adolé Goeh-Akue
    Scantogo, Cheffe de service QHSE

Turkey contest:

  • Konca Calkivik
    Business World and Sustainable Development Association, General Secretary
  • Barış Doğru
    EkoIQ  Magazine, Founder and Director
  • Ediz Hun
    Expert Ecologist
  • Prof. Dr. Filiz Karaosmanoğlu
    Istanbul Technical University, Professor
  • Yildiray Lise
    NGO-Natural Protection Centre, Biologist     
  • Omur Ozdil
    Istanbul Environmental office, Ass. Manager
  • Sahap Sarier         
    Akcansa Cement, General Manager 
  • Sezginer Tuncer
    Canakkkale Onsekiz Mart University, Professor

UK contest:

  • Helen Barnard
    Nature After Minerals, RSPB, Programme Manager
  • Paul Bradley
    PBA Applied Ecology Ltd., Managing Director
  • Martin Crow
    Hanson UK, National Sustainability Manager
  • Andy Duncan
    Hanson UK, Principal Landscape Manager
  • Phil Redmond
    Hanson UK, Managing Director, Aggregates

Ukraine contest:

  • Valentyna Chorna
    Dnipropetrovsk State Agrarian-Economic University, Head of Ecology and Environmental Protection Department
  • Viktor Gasso
    Dnipropetrovsk National University, Biology, Ecology and Medicine Department, Associate Dean on international cooperation matters
  • Sergey Gladkevich
    Biologists, photographer – naturalist, traveller, author
  • Olga Gorb
    Dnipropetrovsk Regional State Administration, Advisor to the Head
  • Ruslan Strilets
    Director of Ecology and Environmental Resources Department of Dnipropetrovsk Regional State Administration
  • Silvio Thiede
    HeidelbergCement Ukraine, General Manager