Dust released from the various quarry operations has numerous effects on both animals and humans in general. Due to this numerous effects, much research has to be done to reduce the quantity of dust that ends up in our communities.

This project is designed to prevent the dust from the quarry from ending up in the nearby communities by constructing a dust barrier using elephant grass.

The elephant grass is been used, because it can grow to a reasonable height of about 5m grows in clusters and has broad leaves to help trap the dust. Its leaves serve as food for grass hopper, cows and other farm animals. When grown to cover a large area, grass cutters and other bush animals make use of the shade it provides as their resting place. Insects and thermites are not left out since the dried stems make for them a good habitat.

This project will not only help control the effect of dust but also promote biodiversity and increase the animal and insect species in and around a quarry.