Invasive alien species are often overlooked by policy-makers, yet in reality, they are major threat to Agriculture and food security; hence undermining human wellbeing. Globalisation and increasing trade are escalating the problem to critical proportions. Most invasive species in Ghana were introduced intentionally due to economic or environmental cosiderations. The impact of these invasive plant species are imense, insidous, and usually irreversible as described by IUCN.

The Akosombo Quarry of Ghacem cement company is located in a critical biodiversity zone due to its proximity to the volta lake and its location in a zone that harbours' Tabotiella gentii; which is edemic to Ghana and coastal savannah. invasive species such as Azacdiracta Indica are outcompeting and threatening the existince of the indigenous species. Human activities such as quarrying, overdependence on indigenous species for fuelwood, bushfires and forest degradation will further create conditions that will favour invasive species at the expense of indigenous species.

The project will evaluate the extend to which the livilihoods of communities are affected by invasive species, the extend to which the quarry site is covered by invasive species, promte invasive species as an alternative fuelwood material to Talbotiella gentii. Community members will be introduced to the use of metal kiln in charcoal production. This technology will not only contribute significantly to biodiversity conservation, but will reduce land degradation, reduce waste, and above improve the livelihood of communities around the quarry.